Guidelines To Active Workers Of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations

A book originally published by Sri Sathya Sai Council of Malaysia for the benefit of devotees and active workers in particular.
Guidelines To Active Workers Of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations Click here to view the back cover image
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A spiritual organisation must function in a sublime way without any need for outside rules and regulations, for the realm of the Atma is the basis for spirituality, which is pursued for refining one's actions and for helping others. In this sense, rules are redundant and superfluous in Sathya Sai organisations. However, to satisfy the law of the land dealing with an association of this kind, some rules have to be adopted, as guidance for the participating members. Basically, the members of these organizations must be eager aspirants for spiritual progress. This book is a must for all members, and those who want to become members to participate in the various activities based on Bhagawan's teachings.
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