Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 3

The earnest reader will be benefited immensely by these sparkling discourses.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 3  
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In this volume Swami has discoursed on a variety of subjects, such, as the devotion of Gopis, Vamsi Kunj, Kaliya Mardana, Sri Krishna's other leelas, the secret of entering the Lord's heart, Sri Rama's true nature, His playing a drama within the drama of this Universe and also about other characters in the Ramayana Some salient features of the Mahabharata, known as the fifth veda and Sankara's Advaita are also explained beautifully. Swami has spoken about namasmarana and its effect adding, "I answer to whatever Name you recite I respond to whatever request you make with a pure heart and a sanctified motive". Swami has also spoken on the vagaries of mind and how to control it. He has also stressed that spreading prema always and everywhere is the best way of revering Him. Bhagawan's discourse of Guru Poornima Discourse in July 1963 gives first hand information about the paralytic stroke taken upon Himself to save a devotee. Swami advises that the worship of Lakshya expanding one's love thereby till it embraces all, would bring Lakshmi of her own accord. Bhagawan has exhorted that everyone must read Gita daily so that karpanyadosha can be removed and the intellect and hands activated. He has also talked about the three stages of Non duality, education and life of ideal womanhood, faith and sadhana and how it should be undertaken, different types of karma, atma tathwam, bhakti, its purifying power on body and mind and how it should be practiced, how social work should be undertaken, how to avoid unnecessary expenditure, prayer and its power, how desire ruins one's life and also riddance of raga and dhwesha. He has elucidated many points that were discussed by pundits during the Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha which was held during the year at Prasanthi Nilayam.
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