Satsang Good Company

A book that exhorts all of us to be in the company of Good and to experience the oneness of the Self by way of Trikarana Shuddhi - Harmony in Thought, Word and Deed.
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The Book Satsang(Good Company) explains how Bhagawan Baba exhorts all sadhakas (seeker's) to remain in satsang (sacred company) always and eschew bad company.He further adds that harmonising thoughts, words, and deeds is the satsang; to experience the oneness of the Self is true satsang. This book is compiled from the Bhagawan's discourses.
ISBN: 978-81-7208-854-5
Publisher: Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust Books and Publications Division,
Country of origin:India
Binding: Paperback
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