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Nada Brahmam - Volume 13 - Digital Download

Nada Brahmam - Volume 13 - Digital Download Click here to view the back cover image


Genre: Devotional
Duration: 00:58:17
Pub Date: 14/09/2019

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         Please Note: Digital Downloads are available only for the Registered Customers. If you have not registered kindly use the below link to register: Click Here Bhajans are the prayers of a pleading heart, expressions of exhilaration, gratitude for grace received and the call of the mortal lover to its Immortal Beloved. He taught and encouraged us to sing bhajans, for there is no path easier or more enchanting than singing His glories.

The Vedas extol the Almighty as Nada Brahman - the Absolute Divine Sound. What better offering can there be to such a Lord than that of Bhakti encapsulated in musical sounds! The Nada Brahmam series is one of our most popular offerings. It is a bhajan CD that brings together the spontaneity and dynamism of live bhajans, with the clarity of digital studio recording. This is the thirteenth volume in that series.

1 Vighna Vinashaka Devadhi Deva Anirudh
2 Raghupati Raghava Ravi Kumar
3 Parthi Vihara Papa Vidoora Srinivasulu
4 Jaya Manamohana Krishna Murari Aswath Narayan
5 Shambho Mahadeva Shiva Shambho Abhishek
6 Jaya Guru Deva Prabhu Sai Deva Ameya Deshpande
7 Devi Bhavani Jagat Janani Aditya
8 Sai Hai Jeevan Jeevan Sathya Sai Pragnan
9 Rama Nama Tarakam Sada Harinandan
10 Narayana Hari Nama Bhajore Aravind Sai
11 Sai Nath Bhagawan, Sai Nath Bhagawan Sagar Kumar Sahu
12 Shankara Sada Shiva Chandrashekhara Atma Swaroopa
13 Jai Hari Krishna Jai Hari Krishna Vishal
14 Vahe Guru Vahe Guru Vahe Guru Siddhartha Raju
15 Arati

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