Sai Dham by Ajnish Rai

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Studying Hindustani Classical vocal and Ghazal singing from Ustad Dayal Thakur of the Patiala Gharana, in Mumbai, between 1996 and 2002, Ajnish learnt Western musical arrangement from Chaglayan Yildiz of Turkey and violin from Maren Tancke of Germany, during his student days at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. As a student, he was blessed by Bhagawan Baba to sing Bhajans in the Mandir at Prasanthi Nilayam.

He has visited a number of Sai Centres around the world, engaging devotees in Satsang, Bhajan Programmes, singing Sai Ghazals, conducting Bhajan singing training for youth, as well as introducing singers to Hindustani Classical Music through Sai Bhajans.
Over the years, Ajnish has released a number of devotional albums. Some of his albums which are available with us are: A Thanksgiving, Forever in Sai (English Devotionals), Tasveer (Sai Ghazals), Sri Rama Katha, Sitayanam (The Story of Sita), Mann Re(Kabir Bhajans), Yaad-e-Khuda (Islamic Hymns).

Singers: Ajnish Rai and Meghna Rai
Chorus: Pranesh, Sangu, Bandana
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Matrix Sound Lab, Darjeeling

1. Prasanthi Nilayam Puttaparthi Ka
2. Swagatam Swagatam Sri Sathya Sai
3. Sri Guru Charana Namami
4. Hari Hari Narayana
5. Karunamaya Deva Sai Eshwara
6. Hara(4) Mahadeva
7. Janam Din Pe Tere - Birthday Song
8. Janam Din Pe Tere - Music Track

Duration: 00:37:07

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