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Vedic literature forms the foundation of the glorious spiritual culture of Bharath. These Vedic hymns range from prayers to the Divine for worldly riches and spiritual enlightenment, to ecstatic declarations of oneness with the Divine. These hymns, which were created by the Divine along with the Universe, are believed to exist eternally; they are highly potent and pregnant with deep spiritual insights. Chanting or even mere listening to these hymns will yield great material and spiritual benefits and bestow peace and serenity of mind.

Veda Parayanam 1 and 2 Volumes are the audio versions of the book Veda Pushpanjali Volume 1.

1. Mahanarayana Upanisad
(i) Sivopasana Mantra
(ii) Medha Suktam
2. Purusa Suktam
3. Vishnu Suktam
4. Sri Suktam
5. Devi Suktam
6. Nila Suktam
7. Rudram
(i) Namakam
(ii) Chamakam
8. Bhagya Suktam
9. Ratri Suktam
10. Rishabh Suktam
11. Hiranyagarbha Suktam
12. Mantra Pushpam
13. Kshama Prarthana

Duration: 01:13:48

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