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Reflecting a million smiles, fulfilling the pining of thousands of hearts, Swami glides past patting a few, blessing the others and even speaking to the fortunate ones. Capturing those enrapturing moments in his heart and in his diary, Sri Bhagwat Prasad "Niyaz" presents several poetic compositions. A few of them have been chosen for this album. On the other hand Sri Arun Pare, having experienced the ups and downs of life, looks up to Swami as Bhagawan and prays to Him for ultimate salvation.

Appropriate to the emotions and theme of each song, Sri Koustubh Pare has tuned and rendered the songs soulfully, offering this garland at the lotus feet of Swami who is our 'Rehnuma' - the Eternal Guide.

1. Bekanson Ki Zindagani Ka Sahara Kaun Hai
Lyrics: Bhagwat Prasad "Niyaz"
2. Sai Charanan Sukh,Dukh Bhaya Bhanjan
Lyrics : Arun Pare
3. Sai Khushiyan Sukh Sambal
Lyrics: Arun Pare
4. Bheege Naina Bol Dena Baat Mere Dil Ki
Lyrics: Arun Pare
5. Youn Mere Dil Mein Tere Jalawe Utar Aaye Hai
Lyrics: Bhagwat Prasad "Niyaz"
6. Sai Tum Ho Prem Ki Moorat Man Mandir Hai Mera
Lyrics: Arun Pare
7. Voh Jo Hans De Mere Gulshan Mein Bahaar Aa Jaaye
Lyrics: Bhagwat Prasad "Niyaz"

Singer & Composer: Koustubh Arun Pare
Music Programming and Arrangment:Koko, Studio Rainbow, Kolkata.
Rhythm Arrangment : Rupak Desai
Sitar : Sai Prakash
Flute : Subir Ray
Violin : Jaydeep Das
Recordist: Kaushik Sen
Mixed & Mastered By: Dhananjay Shet, Radio Sai Studio, Prasanthi Nilayam

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