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'Vid' is the root from which, by adding 'ya' the term 'Vidya' is derived. 'Ya' means 'what' and 'Vid' means 'Light'. So, "that which gives Light" is Vidya. This is the basic meaning of the word. Therefore, it is evident that Brahma Vidya alone deserves to be known as Vidya. In the section on Vibhuti Yoga, the Gita informs us: "Adhyaatma Vidya Vidyaanaam, "I am", the Lord declares, "Adhyaatma Vidya (the Brahma Vidya) among all Vidyas!. All other Vidyas or knowledge systems are as rivers; Adhyaatma Vidya is as the ocean. As all rivers find their fulfilment when they merge in the ocean, even so all Vidyas (streams of education) join the ocean of Adhyaatma Vidya as their ultimate goal.

Bhagawan exhorts us to acquire and assimilate such education which makes us immortal. He says that education is for life and not for mere living. This book, Vidya Vahini, provides us with a chance to peruse the nineteen essays He wrote in answer to appeals for the elucidation of the principles which must guide us while rehabilitating education as an effective instrument for establishing peace and freedom in us and on earth.

Music - Introduction - Chapters 1-19 - Music

Narration and Editing: Mira Sai Ma
Intro Music: Sai Ananda Bhajan CD
Background music: The Voice Within by Barry
Music Edit: Subramanya Krishnamurthy

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