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Sruti... the eternal echoes

Anantovai Vedaha - infinite are the Vedas. The Vedas are called Apourusheya - not of human origin and Anaadi - without a beginning in terms of time.

It is our humble endeavour towards the mission of "Vedoddharana" - Revival of the Vedas that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has laid down. This product has all the Vedic hymns, chanted in Sai Kulwant Hall at Prasanthi Nilayam. To make it easier for the devotees, we have categorised the chants in accordance with the schedule followed at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Continuous Vedic Chants by Sai Students

04_Daily_Purusha Suktam
05_Daily_Na Karmana
07_Monday_Atma Suktam
08_Monday_Nila Suktam
09_Monday_ Namasomaya Ca Ganapathah
11_Tuesday_Devi Suktam
12_Tuesday_Bhu Suktam
13_Tuesday_ Pavamana Suktam
14_Tuesday_Ayushya Suktam
15_Tuesday_Nasadiya Suktam
16_Wednesday_Isavasya Upanishad
17_Wednesday_Ganesha Suktam
18_Wednesday_Prokshana Mantra
19_Wednesday_Shivopasana Mantra
20_Wednesday_Durga Suktam
21_Wednesday_Narayana Suktam
22_Thursday_Ganapati Atharva Siersham
23_Thursday_Vishnu Suktam
25_Thursday_Hiranyagarbha Suktam
26_Thursday_Medha Suktam
27_Thursday_Medha Suktam Ganapthah
28_Friday_Bhagya Suktam
29_Friday_Navagraha Suktam
30_Friday_Sri Suktam
33_Saturday_Sarvadevata Gayatri
34_Saturday_Durva Suktam
35_Sunday_Surya Namaskara Mantra
36_Sunday_Udakashanti Mantra
38_Sunday_Narayana Upanishad
39_Sunday_Ganapati Prarthana Ghanapathah
40_Sunday_Saraswati Prarthana Ghanapathah
41_Sunday_Gayatri Mantra Ghanapathah
42_Sunday_Karoti Rupani Ca Ghanapathah
43_Daily_ Kshama Prarthana
44_Daily_Svasti Vaachaka Sloka

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