The Glory of His Story (The Avatar's Life and His Mission) - 2

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This series will depict with much love and in great detail, the life story of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. From the time of His incarnation to the present day, it covers all aspects and reveals in the process, the subtleties of how the Avatar of the Age has been reminding us of His Eternal Message and gently guiding us along in life so that we earn the merit to eventually become one with Him. The Advent deals with the early days, the many leelas that the Lord performed and also how He quickly shifted gears to service to humanity at all levels, from the micro to the macro.

This DVD takes one and all to the times that will never come back. Everyone, including generations to be born, can see this and be convinced that the Lord not only walked on earth but also moved amidst us, very much like one of us, showering Love and Ananda as only the Lord can!

Duration: 01:35:00
Format: DVD
Type: DVD Box
Language: English
Classification: His Story

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