Chronicles of Sathya Sai (Kodaikanal, 1996) - Volume 3

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Many years, during the summer vacation, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba would visit the hill-station, Kodaikanal. And always, He would pick and select students who would accompany Him as His guests! This was a blessing of the highest heavens for these students because they got the opportunity to glimpse Sai at His intimate best. But while they got a peek into the human face of the Avatar - His thoughts and His emotions, His joys and His sorrows, they were also privileged to behold His Divinity via the leelas and materialisations.

This video captures many rare and candid moments that the students enjoyed with Bhagawan during the 1996 visit to Kodaikanal. Travel back in time and be present for the personal advice and guidance that Swami gave His boys. Relive the past, remembering its relevance for the present and future.

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