Bhagavatha Vahini

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The Bhagavatha is a dialogue between King Parikshit under the sentence of death and the great Sage Suka, who prepares him to meet it. Sringi, the son of Sage Sameeka pronounces a curse on King Parikshit for the king's wanton act of throwing a dead snake on his father when he was in deep meditation that King Parikshit will die on the seventh day bitten by a snake. The king decides to make amends for the wrong act and sanctifies his limited available time by listening to the glories of the Lord. It is for this reason that the second chapter of this book is appropriately titled "The Birth Of A Bhagavatha" since it is to King Parikshit that the Story of the Glory of God is narrated by Sage Suka.

The name Bhagavatha can be applied to every account of the experiences of those who have contacted God and the godly (Bhagawan and Bhaktha). The Bhagavatha is saturated with the sweetness of nectar; it shines with the splendour of God.

Through the process of listening to the glory of the Lord a dull and drooping heart will be transformed into a clean, illumined abode of peace shining with genuine light. The listening will cleanse the heart through the prompting it gives for good work.

Just as King Parikshit found solace and had sanctified his time by listening to the glorious Story of the Lord, every reader will derive benefit by reading and ruminating over the contents of this book written by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself.

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