Heart to Heart...Linking to God's Love

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'Heart-to-heart Linking to God's Love' by Ms Seema M. Dewan is an exposition of 'Bhagawan's Divine Love' striking myriad chords of life. The book, through seventy-nine beautiful poetic messages, deliberates how every individual rightfully belongs to God, and illuminates the path to feel Him within. It also covers many challenges of earthly life, while assuring His everlasting presence in every soul at all times, and urges all to turn within with absolute faith and surrender. These poetic expressions flow directly from the heart, and readers are sure to feel the 'Touch of God's Love'.

The author, upon Bhagawan's directions to teach her children truth and create deep love for human values, chose to be by their side giving them the gems of Bhagawan's teachings to practise in their daily life. During this period of upbringing, she had authored several books and continues to share the guidance of her soul, inspiring devotees to reach their inner spirit. The author is currently living in the United States with her family.

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