Chinna Kathas of Sri Sathya Sai - Part 6

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Swami's Chinna Kathas are imparted in a cryptic, enigmatic style. These are unravelled in a lucid poetic manner to unfold a gamut of spiritual truths that stand revealed before the reader. His stories, which form a garland of exquisite pearls, convey sublime, thought provoking truths that are both practical and transcendental in a proven way, unique to the eternal Vedic Bharatiya cultural ethos.

These stories have the supreme potency to draw, thrill and elevate man's mind to higher realms of thought and lay bare before man his glorious spiritual heritage leading to the supreme urge for Self realisation.

The Chinna Kathas prove that man is not a mere human being with a spiritual experience but a far nobler and higher spiritual being having but a secondary human experience. Moreover the individual or human experience is transient and illusory and thus he is proven to be a spirit first, last and always.
Another prime purpose of Swami's teachings is to unfold in the human being his innate intrinsic beauty, his natural goodness and purity and to emphasize predominance of his buddhi over the mind and its desires thereby to strengthen and firmly mould the individual's character.


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