My Love Story - stung by Love

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Life with Swami is not an accidental happening, but one's chosen destiny, a 'Saincidence'. No one comes early or late to Him, but at the appointed hour, said Beloved Bhagawan time and again, reminding humanity of the most mysterious spell that He casts over His creation. Dr Srirama Hariharan from Chennai, a Sai Youth currently settled in Germany, had the great good fortune of coming into the Sai-fold at the ripe age of five, and once he was in, his life started streaming through a different lane of spiritual blossoming. The book talks about his entry and subsequent progression in intensifying his Love for Bhagawan. The book results from his maturing into that Love, Love for Love, with heart-wrenching emotions bursting into beautiful expressions. First Darshan, First Look and First Touch of Bhagawan, best of nurturing by the earthly mother, who stood tall with her all out Love for Bhagawan, were well explained by the author along with many other beautiful facets of learning from Bhagawan. Summarising Swami's Love that conquers, the author writes about Mother Sai being the True Mother narrating an astounding and soul-stirring Darshan experience concluding with a bottom-line, "Although we may forsake Swami, Swami will never ever forsake us." The book is an interesting read, catching up with the inner emotions of the devotion of an aspiring youth for Beloved Bhagawan.

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