Sri Krishna the Lord of compassion and love

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami is widely celebrated based on the Hindu lunar calendar in the month of Bhadrapad, but in some regions in South India like Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, it is observed on a different day as Sri Jayanthi, based on the solar calendar. This most auspicious day for the Vaishnavites, falls on September 10, 2020, when Rohini, the Lord's birth star, and Ashtami come together. We wish all devotees a happy and safe Sri Jayanthi with the divine blessings of Bhagawan.

On this holy occasion, we offer an ebook (pdf /epub /mobi formats) entitled "Sri Krishna, the Lord of Compassion and Love," a special compilation from the divine discourses of Bhagawan Baba, given on various Krishnashtami and other occasions. Apart from an introductory chapter, it has eight others, including the Divine Birth, The significance of the name Sri Krishna, Childhood episodes, Role of an Avatar, Inner significance of Krishna leelas, and a separate chapter having Bhagawan's discourses under seven selected topics - Avatar as an Ideal, The Lesson of Mahabharata, Krishna's Prema Tatwa, Madhura Bhakti, the Lord responds to the Yearnings of Devotees, The Yoga of Samathwam, and Developing the Inner Vision.

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