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Gems of Wisdom is one of the early books published by the Trust. This is a compilation of teachings taken from Bhagawan's divine discourses covering the period 1961 to 1992. The compilers C.M. Sahni and Robert Mclung assisted by Mrs Sheila Sahni and Sri H.S. Mansukhani, have rendered a yeoman service by segregating the divine messages into 28 different disciplines of great importance to life.

This voluminous book is brought out in two parts as e-books (pdf, epub and kindle), consisting of 14 chapters each. The chapters in Part 1 contain topics like Universe and mankind - five elements, nature and divinity, the evolutionary process, philosophy of life, characteristics of the body and its needs, understanding death, how maya (illusion) works, intellect, thoughts, dreams and sense control; how righteousness in the heart results in world peace; controlling fate, karma, its characteristics and variety, and free-will; understanding duty, doubt and self-confidence, the six inner enemies and peace, the greatness of seva (service), ways to happiness, and suffering as a gift of God.

It is a very useful compilation for spiritual aspirants. A nice introduction by the compilers and an excerpt from a discourse of Bhagawan in the form of a preface, set the tone for a profitable reading. Enjoy the divine messages and assimilate their essence, and secure peace of mind and happiness.

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