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Sri S.V. Giri, the author of this unique and excellent book SAI UPANISHAD, is a former Vice-chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, a Deemed University. In the preparation of this book, he has used his rich experience of handling Awareness classes for the Post Graduate students of the University, for more than a decade. The Awareness programme highlights the importance of five basic human values, and their relationship with the development and blossoming of the human personality.

This book facilitates an understanding of the Upanishadic texts and their philosophical import. The Ten Commandments of Taittareeya Anusasanam given in this book are put into practice in the daily life of the students of the University.

The daily Vedic chants in the Sai Kulwant Hall by the students, evoke an urge among the aspirants to know more about the Vedas and Upanishads which they recite. The compilation of the relevant notes in a book form is meant to fulfill the need for addressing questions of daily life, which are to be faced and resolved in terms of the principles of Dharma.

The book, evolved out of the material for teaching the students, has a wide relevance to any interested reader. It will help to navigate the complex philosophical truths embedded in the Upanishads. The approach is practical and feasible to any devoted Sadhaka. Bhagawan Baba's concern for peace and the welfare of humanity expressed through His projects, is a great example of the relevance and practicability of the Upanishadic messages.

In this exercise, extensive reference is made to the Upanishad Vahini and Vidya Vahini, both of which have an important bearing on understanding the Upanishadic principles, as well as to Vedanta Kesari. Appendix I gives a broad idea of the Upanishads, their location in the Vedas, their Invocation Chants and Shanti Mantras. Appendix II lists 98 minor Upanishads as in the Upanishad Vahini. Appendix III lists certain important and oft quoted verses for ready reference. The first printed version of this e-book was brought out during March 2010.

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