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The Bhagawan Uvacha series brings to devotees the world over, a compilation of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's teachings in the form of quotations, skilfully compiled and woven together by Shri. N. S. Venkatesh, the compiler.

In this book in the series, Body & Mind, Shri. Venkatesh says, "The body is a water bubble and the mind, a mad monkey. Swami has often used this analogy to bring out the impermanence of the body and the fickleness of the mind. This book aims to bring out other forms of relationships mentioned by Bhagawan, between the gross and the subtle, the confined and the permeating, the limited and the limitless, the body and the mind. Listen to the Avatar as He speaks on what constitutes the body and the mind and their role in an individual's spiritual growth."

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