Vachanamrutam 1996 Part 1 (Telugu) - Ebook

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Bhagawan's discourses are vast in number. And in the year 1996, there was a copious shower of large number of discourses. Here, in these two parts of Sri Sathya Sai Vachanamrutam 1996, Bhagawan's original Telugu discourses are brought out as ebooks for the devotees to read and derive happiness in life by following the teachings. There are the usual sprinkling of value based stories to add joy.

Part 1 has 24 discourses. Seven of them were given in the first three months. Bhagawan spoke on a number of topics including the following: God as a friend, triple purity, unity through faith in God, learning a lesson from a child, harm from television, call to educated youth, human values, the power in the atmosphere, wealth and happiness etc. In the month of August, there are sixteen discourses. He spoke about materialism and spirituality, samskriti, bringing out the divine power within man, living like a human being, the connection between mind, bondage and liberation, practising a loving outlook, five elements and God, vidya and wisdom etc. There are many other interesting and invaluable topics relating to life.

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