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The Bhagavatha is a treasure trove of experiences of those who have realised God in various Forms, which He assumes, and of those who have been blessed by His Grace and chosen as His Instruments. It shines with the splendour of God. Reading and enjoying the stories of the glory of Krishna is a source of great inspiration and joy. It makes people forget everything else.

The Bhagavatha is a dialogue between the great Sage Suka and King Parikshit, who, after he was cursed, wanted to spend every moment of the remaining seven days of his life, in the contemplation of God. In this Book of 42 chapters, Bhagavatha Vahini, we have Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's version of that textbook of Bhakthi composed by Vyasa at the suggestion of the sage Narada. According to Prof Kasturi, this is not just a book. It is a balm, a key, a Mantra - to soften, solve and save, to liberate from grief and pain.

This book was first brought to the devotees as a series of articles written by Bhagawan for the sacred monthly, Sanathana Sarathi. Now, for the benefit of spiritual seekers, we are bringing out the e-book (pdf format). Open it with humility, read it with diligence, revere it with devotion, observe its lessons with steadfastness and reach the Goal that Vyasa reached and Narada attained; that Suka taught and Parikshit learnt.

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