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Reading the narration of Divine Leelas and Grace our Lord experienced by the devotees is ever inspiring and elevating. This feeling is heightened when the Leelas relate to the young days of the Avatar, when He was at His playful best. The devotees who experienced this had the good fortune of being physically close to Bhagawan, who blessed them for their pure hearted faith, devotion and service.

Sri T.R. Sai Mohan, the author, a fluent speaker and singer, is one such devotee from the early 1950's, who had the good fortune of enjoying the Leelas of Young Sai. Being a versatile singer in those days helped him to enjoy numerous blissful moments in the immediate presence of Bhagawan. This interesting little book of 15 chapters, with 3 forewords by eminent persons and an 'endless epilogue', narrates many wonderful and awe-inspiring experiences of the author and other devotees, and includes a motivational talk on the benefits of selfless service. The experiences are unique, revealing Bhagawan's Love, Compassion and Grace, which He showered on His devotees, who had surrendered to Him. A must-read absorbing book for all, especially the youth.

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