Leela Mohana Sai (Audio Book)

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When we listen to His leelas, two things become clear, the first one being that Bhagawan is none other than the Supreme Power or Consciousness that is in every being as Atma. Secondly, God always guides man along the right path. As we listen to these awe-inspiring leelas of Bhagawan, an inexplicable joy wells up within us. But, it is not enough if we only listen and enjoy; we should strive to put into practice what we have listened and bring the necessary change in ourselves and in the lives of people around us by performing acts of selfless service.

This audio book is the fruition of dedicated efforts of the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and other support teams, beautifully presented with appropriate background music, soul-stirring bhajans and songs that will captivate and inspire every listener.

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