A Recapitulation of Baba's Divine Teachings Part 1 - Ebook

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's teachings are unique as they are the voice of the Avatar, which are meant for practice by the devotees, who perform Sadhana for their transformation from the human level to the Divine.

'A Recapitulation of Baba's Divine Teachings' is a compilation by Grace J. Mc Martin, of Bhagawan's divine discourses taken from the early volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks and also from the three Summer Course discourses of the years 1972, 73 and 78. Selected discourses are classified by dividing them in three parts:

1. Part 1 containing 25 chapters, brings together topics relating to Spiritual Transformation.
2. Part 2 deals with Association Transformation (Society), and has 34 chapters.
3. Part 3 highlights Bhagawan's teachings on Individual Transformation (improving behaviour and character), in 22 chapters.

All the three parts have Bhagawan's divine messages under various sections like Bhagawan and His glory, God, the I within, mothers, children, teachers, education and student, man etc. Part 1 has a separate chapter, 'The First Step' under the Section 'Baba Says'. Part 2 has additional divine messages relating to Veda, 'attaining God', love, doctors, nation, and good company, while part 3 has an additional section, 'the friends you need'. These books give the reader the essence of Bhagawan's teachings relevant to present day life.

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