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Group 1 (5-8 yrs)
1. Gratitude
2. Honesty
3. Kindness
4. Sharing
5. Friendship
6. Speaking the Truth
7. Help Ever
8. Hurt Never
Group 2 (9-12 yrs)
9. Courage
10. Respect Parents
11. Self-Reliance
12. Cooperation
13. Contentment
14. Forgiveness
15. Patriotism
16. Optimism
Group 3 (13-15 yrs)
17. Concentration
18. Unity of Thought, Word and Deed
19. Good Company
20. Attitude
21. Determination
22. Discipline

Based on the popular demand that followed the success of the virtual SSE classroom lessons on Radio Sai, here is now an audio product which could be a useful resource for teachers, students and parents.

Value classroom is basically a set of virtual classroom lessons for the 3 groups of Sai Spiritual Education program. Within each group, there are lessons for various values. Every single lesson is based on the universal values taught by Bhagawan Baba and includes each of the five teaching techniques prescribed by Him.

This indeed would be extremely valuable for everyone involved in promoting human excellence through character building especially for teachers of SSE program and for parents looking to engage their children from age 5 to 15 in a meaningful and constructive activity. These lesson plans include a theme, a silent sitting visualization, a story time, song and activity. We hope it benefits you.

The Sai Blossom team is grateful to Radio Sai volunteer team from the Middle-East who has contributed immensely in the making of this product.

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