Sai Baba - The Holyman And The Psychiatrist

Dr. Samuel Sandweiss
Sai Baba - The Holyman And The Psychiatrist  
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'Psychiatry is not a complete science. There is a spiritual existence to the Universe because of the existence of soul, which is essential to lead a full life.' This is what the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Sandweiss realised after coming to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who brought about a complete transformation in him. This book gives a fascinating narration of his own experiences. Because of his soul stirring experiences and the transparent sincerity and forthrightness with which these are presented, this thought provoking book of Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, will endear itself to the readers. Baba made him grasp the truth about the role of Avatar in human affairs.
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