Pure Love by Peter Rae

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Pure Love is, summarised briefly, fifty one minutes and twenty five seconds of divinity and bliss presented on DVD for your viewing pleasure.

The morning Omkar and Suprabhatham signalled the start of the day for devotees, in Prasanthi Nilayam. The chanting of the sacred Om purified the minds, making the eager pilgrims and Ashram residents ready to receive His darshan. When all was ready and the time rendered auspicious by His mere presence, the Lord graced the grounds of the Abode of Peace and granted His Darshan, Sparshan, and Sambhashan to one and all.

His sweet smile consoled the sufferings of society, His nectarine words guided, taught, and instructed, His ever watchful, omniscient eyes caught the erring man, woman, and child, and His infinite compassion and mercy brought them on to the golden road, the highway to God.

Watch Swami walk among His devotees seated in large rows, speak loving words to His students and blessed Bhakthas, offer the coveted Padanamaskar of His holy feet, and accept letters from the multitude, assuring them that their worries and trials will soon pass, like storm clouds that move away after venting their fury. The video culminates with the awe-inspiring Darshan, from the Sai Kulwant Hall balcony, during Christmas.

Relive the Darshan sessions of yore. Imagine yourself in the Presence Divine of the Summum Bonum, the Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, with Pure Love.

Format: DVD
Duration: 00:51:25

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