Divine Analogies Lessons from Nature Volume 1 (Part 2)

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"You need not wander in search of a Guru. Learn lessons from every living being, everything that you find around. Learn faithfulness and gratitude from a dog, patience and fortitude from a donkey, perseverance from a spider, farsightedness from an ant and monogamy from an owl. Birds are content with the food they get for the day, tell us not to worry about the morrow. Trees give shelter to all, irrespective of caste and creed, and proclaim that all men are equal. Mountains, by bearing heat and cold, wind and rain alike, teaches man not to care too much for the body," says Bhagawan Baba.

This volume presents analogies on animals, birds and insects narrated by Bhagawan Baba to impart moral and spiritual values in the simplest and easily understandable way to all of us. Every analogy is an invaluable pearl of wisdom. Let us all together learn, imbibe and grow in wisdom by practising His Teachings in every aspect of our lives. Only then can we be able to make our lives meaningful and worthwhile in this earthly sojourn.

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