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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, God Almighty in human form, is recognized throughout the length and breadth of this planet Earth. His mission is to transform all human beings into Divine beings by His teachings and practical demonstrations - i.e., "Love in Action". Prof. Anil Kumar, the chosen translator of Bhagawan's discourses, is a talented speaker, who reflects "His Master's Voice". His Sunday talks at Prasanthi Nilayam are renowned ones. Bhagawan, by His grace, has blessed him and his wife to speak and share Sai's teachings with devotees in many Satsangs, when he was on a personal visit to U.S.A., some of which were telecast on TV and broadcast on radio. These are compiled into this volume, consisting of interesting spiritual topics, like The four 'L's of life, Nine-point code of personality, meditation - different stages, Everything is Swami Karya, and Sai Technology of Transformation through love. Moreover, it contains very absorbing 'Questions and Answers' sessions. All these are spiritually uplifting to enable the readers to put into practice Sai's teachings, to reach the goal of life.

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