Vachanamrutam 1965 Part1 (telugu) - E-Book

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Sri Sathya Sai Vachanamrutam 1965 part 1 contains 32 divine discourses. These beautiful discourses are now released for the first time in Telugu for the benefit of devotees to enable them to enjoy the sweetness of His original divine exhortations. Starting with the Mukkoti Ekadasi Day, Bhagawan gave 11 discourses till the early March, of which one was in the Zilla Parishad Higher Secondary School, Penukonda, where He encouraged the students to meet the challenges of life with courage, and advised them on the steps to self-knowledge. In ten discourses at Prasanthi Nilayam, He talked about the value of good company, meditation, unflinching discipline, duality and fear, three vows of Krishna, duties of a householder and a seva volunteer, taming the mind, virtues and divine grace, power of Gayatri (during the discourse at a Mass Upanayanam), and the significance of Shivaratri.

Then, Swami went on a hectic tour of Sulurpet (Chengalamma Temple), Kakinada, Samara, Pithpuram, Yelamanchili, Amalapuram (four discourses), Rajahmundry (four discourses), Repalle, Venkatagiri, before returning to Prasanthi NIlayam. These special discourses of Bhagawan covered many topics including the following: the importance of namasmarana, developing virtues, taking up the spiritual path, sign of a true devotee, life as a three day fair, the charity of the kings of Pithapuram, purity of heart, the essence of Vedic teachings, importance of character, yoga and spirituality; ego and faith in God, self-effort and success, value of yaga and yagnya, practising the teachings of the epics, self-confidence, observing truth and justice, the purpose of life, listening to the inner voice, Sanathana Dharma etc. Later, Bhagawan went to Malleswaram and gave two discourses, where He spoke about control of feelings and impulses, and unity in thought, word and action. The discourses contain several anecdotes.

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